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As I have the best parents ever, they sent Laura and I to Amsterdam over the May bank holiday weekend. We spent the entire 3 days visiting attractions, dodging trams and bicycles, and of course gorging on stupid amounts of food and drink whilst soaking up the culture of the city.
We made a few great finds which I am going to share with you in this post!

The beer temple is a small bar that boasts a large variety of draught and bottled craft ales. We spent quite a few hours drinking here! 
The sign above the front door kind of sums up this ale drinkers heaven 'Good Beer, No Shit'
In addition to the fantastic beer there was also a good selection of bar snacks, various cheeses and crackers and some lovely looking cured meats.

Out of all the ales I drank whilst in the Beer Temple I have picked these out as my favourite 3.
Top Left: Pepperoni Pizza Porter 6.3%
Bottom Left: Arrogant Bastard 7.2%
Right: Pure Hoppiness 8%
Please see my 'Beer Review' page to read what I thought of these.
Beer Temple will be my first point of call next time I visit Amsterdam, I would recommend it to any lover of craft ales.

Amsterdam's Foodhallen is an indoor food market where you can enjoy good quality international street food. It is open Sunday-Thursday from 11:00-23:30 and Friday-Saturday 11:00-1:00.
The vendors are permanent and they have a great set up in a spacious venue that boasts over 20 food stalls and  3 bars,

Top: De Ballen Bar served us a tasting board of 5 Arancini (deep fried risotto balls) 
The 5 we chose were (right to left) Truffle, Goats Cheese, Thai Spiced, Bouilla-baisse and Beef. They were served with a lovely truffle mayonnaise.
Middle Left: Chicks Love Donuts- Laura needed to get her crispy chicken fix so decided to try a Korean crispy chicken. The 'mean sauce' was delicious and the personalised takeaway boxes were a nice touch.
Middle:Jabugo is a stall that specialises in Iberico ham, they gave me a generous amount with some fresh bruchetta.
Middle Right: Bulls and Dogs was an odd choice for me as I would not usually go for a 'hot dog'. i chose this because I liked the look of the food when I saw others eating it. They offered several different homemade sausages served with a brioche bun and various toppings. I went for the 'Bacon and Chips Dog' which was a pork sausage, bacon, cheese and crisps. It was really tasty but the sausage was pretty thin ;)
Bottom: Laura finished off with Chicken Yakitori and Tempura Prawns, they were both delicious. Laura ate most of it!

I mentioned earlier that De Food Hallen had 3 bars aswell as the food stalls. The one bar that really stood out was the Gin and Tonic Bar. They served very large gin and tonics in many different flavours including, Blueberry and Raspberry  (Left)Toasted Rosemary and Black Olive (Middle), Basil and Cranberry (Right) and many more appealing sounding flavours. They were quite expensive at between 9 and 15 euros, but they were definitely worth it!
 De Foodhallen is an excellent place to go if you want to eat at a cheaper price and also get a good selection of food in a busy sociable setting.

 The last place I am going to recommend is The Pancake Bakery
We visited this place at around 11.00 and their was already a 10 minute queue. It serves huge pancakes, sweet and savoury with lots of different and appetising fillings. I went for the Brazilian pancake which can be seen below with a description. I was a little skeptical about how good a pancake could actually be, but to be fair it was amazing! Very sickly and filling, but amazing all the same!

If anyone has been to any other decent places in Amsterdam for food or drink, let me know and I will put it in my 'to go' list!
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