Saturday, 21 February 2015

Meat Liquor

My girlfriend and I spent the last 2 days in London visiting friends. Whilst being dragged down Oxford Street and into various shops I managed to persuade Laura to stop for some food. We ventured off round the back streets in search for pub grub.

We eventually came across MEATliquor and were intrigued by the outside appearance. The windows were blacked out and there was a red led light above the door which read MEAT! (How can you go wrong!). Upon entry I immediately liked the vibe; the restaurant was very dim and the decor was almost like a biker bar that you would find on route 66! The music was mainly pumped up american country songs which suited the decor well.

We were seated immediately and soon had our drinks order taken and brought to us. I went for a 'Hobo' Beer (£4.20) and at 5.1% was crisp and refreshing, perfect after being stuck in Primark for 30mins!

The menu was decent enough and there seemed to be enough choice if you were a fan of burgers, I would have liked to see a bigger variety of 'grill' foods. I went for the 'Rib Licker' a boneless rack of ribs in a bun with sweet pickles, onions and BBQ sauce. Laura ordered the 'Dirty Chicken Cheeseburger, a deep fried chicken breast, lettuce, mayo red onion e.t.c. We also ordered a side of fries.The food took 20 minutes to arrive which I thought was pretty good considering it was relatively busy.

Our food came and both meals were served on a single tray. Laura's burger did not come with  plate which was different but added to the vibe. I think mine came on a plate due to the sheer amount of sauce oozing out of the bun. Both meals were tasty and what you would expect from a burger- the meat was good quality and well cooked and there was a variety of meaty and salty flavors which went well with the fried onions and pickles.The meat was very succulent and tasted great. The bun soon became very soggy and the whole burger ended up disintegrating in my hands, I was glad that I was given plenty of paper towels because I ended up with sauce everywhere. I even had to resort to using a knife and fork which I am slightly ashamed of!
Laura's 'Dirty Chicken' was also very tasty and had plenty of flavour and the red onion relish was particularly good.

Overall the experience was good and I was happy we went. Would I go there again? Yes, I would go there again but maybe just to have a drink  and appreciate the west country atmosphere.I think for the price paid the burgers should come with a portion of chips or at very least a bit of salad!

I have paid a lot less money for burgers of a similar quality.
We enjoyed the atmosphere, the service and the drink.....the food could be better.

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