Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Smoke Haus, Birmingham

On Saturday we attended the VIP preview night of 'The Smoke Haus, Birmingham'
The menu is packed with a variety of burgers, hotdogs, steaks and ribs. There is also a selection of amazing looking combos and lots of sides to choose from.
I took some advice from @The_Thing_Ting and ordered myself a bourbon and Laura ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri. For our appetiser we chose to share 6 Sticky BBQ Wings. For main I ordered the 10oz New York strip with a pepper sauce and also had a side of fried pickles. Laura chose the Baby Back Ribs with a side of Mac n Cheese. We both decided to upgrade our fries with Laura choosing the sweet potato fries and I had the cheesy chilli fries. I also ordered myself a draught Blue Moon.
The sticky BBQ wings were brought to our table within 2 minutes of being ordered which I was over the moon about as I was already salivating from reading the menu. I will just say here that if you are planning on visiting the Smoke Haus for a first date then make sure you are a confident eater, and not ashamed of licking your fingers, wiping your face or trying to remove sticky BBQ sauce from your favourite shirt. The wings were sensational, very succulent and coated with a generous amount of rich, thick sticky BBQ sauce. I also couldn't get enough of the blue cheese dip that was served with them. The wet wipes were well used.
The main was served shortly after I had managed to remove all evidence of BBQ sauce from my face.
I ordered my steak blue, and am always a little skeptical as restaurants always seem to overcook my steaks. It was perfectly cooked, well seasoned and really did melt in my mouth. The peppercorn sauce was very creamy and had plenty of heat from the peppercorns. The fries were delicious and were seved with a spoonfull of chilli con carne and topped with a good amount of melted cheese. The fried pickles were ok, but were a little greasy and the batter just fell off, the garlic dip they came with was lovely.
 Laura's ribs were meaty and succulent and had a delicious sticky marinade. This was another dish where the wet wipes were well used. The Mac and Cheese had a lovely flavour but unfortunately had become slightly stodgy, this was probably due to the fact it was left for a while before we tried it.
The meal was very well presented, had great flavours and we really enjoyed our evening. The portion sizes are huge and we were unable to finish all of our food despite giving it a good go.
The service was excellent and the staff were very attentive and chatty when serving.
 I think that The Smoke Haus will prove to be a very popular restaurant with the foodies of Birmingham and I am very much looking forward to returning, and armed with my own pack of wet wipes.
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